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How To Invite Your Ex To Your Wedding

What an illusion! You are at the top of the wedding preparations and the illusion grows at times when you think about all the people that are going to gather at the event.

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There will be all the people you love and who you have loved, because it has crossed your mind to invite your ex to your wedding. It’s a good idea? The only correct answer is: it depends.

How to decide whether to invite your ex to your wedding

Staying as friends after a breakup is not the unicorn of breakups, it is possible and some people not only manage to maintain a cordial relationship, but they are also good friends. But from there to invite your ex to your wedding is a world, is not it?

Is it a good idea to invite your ex to your wedding? The question is complicated because of the feelings of a few people eat into play. So before sending that invitation, consider some questions.

1 How will your partner take you to invite your ex?

It’s your wedding, you decide who you invite, it’s also your couple’s wedding and you’ll have something to say.

How do you like your partner to invite your ex? If you are comfortable with the idea, if you are used to staying with your ex on more occasions because you have a fluent relationship or if it is also going to invite your ex, there is no problem; for now

2 How will your ex take your wedding?

You should also think about your ex. Your first intention has been to invite him because you keep in touch with him and you see each other regularly but, are you sure that your ex has overcome your rupture? If you have the slightest doubt, do not invite him, because it will be a painful episode for him.

3 How will your ex partner take you to your wedding?

The question is not to complicate life, it is that you see, this has become a maze of relationships in which couples appear and disappear trying to find the way out. Your ex has another partner and maybe that person does not understand that you get along so well, that you have all the issues solved and that you are such friends. And it’s one thing to stay for dinner, but to a wedding

4 How will you take it to invite your ex to your wedding?

It’s time to be honest with yourself. Why do you invite your ex to your wedding? So that you can see for yourself that you have taken up your life, that you can be happy without it and that you have overcome the rupture. If this crosses your mind, throw that invitation in the trash.

The only situation in which you can invite your ex to your wedding is if you really are real friends, if there really is nothing left to resolve among you, if your partner is fine, if your ex is okay, if to the partner of your ex (in case you have it) it seems good and if it seems good to you and that invitation does not generate any negative feelings. Are not too many things to fit?

The fact that you are doubting and that you question whether to invite him or not, can already give you some clues. Do not spoil the day of your wedding with stories from the past, because a marriage is a door open to the future.

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