How To Send A Message To Despite Being Blocked By Contact On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application around the world and has many features that were designed to improve your inner ecosystem. One of these tools is the one that allows you to block a contact.

With a simple action, you can prevent an irritating, annoying contact, or just someone you don’t want to talk to from contacting you. But it is also true that it can happen to you that you suffer it for no apparent reason, right? Well, there is a method to write to a contact who has blocked you. Look!

In order to write to a contact who blocked you, you will need a third party first. This person must create a WhatsApp group that includes you and the person who blocked you. Once this is done, this third person can leave the group and now you can speak to that contact who had blocked you in the first instance.

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