How Your Pillow Jeopardize Your Health

There are those who like to sleep with soft pillows, rigid, with one, several or, flat, without them. The truth is that your pillow can “check” your health, take note.

In addition to being comfortable, you should facilitate that your neck is in a neutral position, aligned with the spine, without generating tension, to avoid headaches, neck, shoulder or arms.

Although there is no evidence that the use of pillows causes illnesses; A poor choice can aggravate certain health problems such as obstructive sleep apnea, chronic neck pain or rotator cuff injury.

When reaching old age and due to the changes of aging on the constitution of the musculoskeletal system (head, neck and shoulders), people make sure that their pillow provides comfort and does not cause them discomfort when waking up.

Tips to choose your pillow:

– Support. This is the key to achieving a good sleep.

– Sleeping posture:

Face up. Ideally, choose a pillow that is not too high, otherwise your head will go to the front and your neck will tense.

Upside down. Choose a flat, but high enough to line up your spine and neck.

Sideways. Your best option is a wide and firm one.

The most important thing is that head, neck and column are aligned.

In addition to these tips, do not forget to change your pillow at least every two years and .

To sleep at your ease without exposing your well-being!



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