If You Could Have A Third Holiday A Week, Here Is The Best Day You Should Choose

Currently, we work five days a week but enjoy (except in sectors such as hospitality or commerce) two days off: usually Saturday and Sunday.

But voices are beginning to emerge that suggest that it is time to fight for a third holiday. I sincerely doubt, that we get to see it.

But, imagine for a moment that the miracle happens and we get to enjoy three days (two for those who now only have one) weekly rest. What would you prefer it to be? Monday or Friday?

Technically there would be no difference between one option and another, since both would still have three days off.

But it seems that if it were Monday there would be an extra benefit on a psychological level. As Arthur Stone, a professor of psychiatry at Stony Brook University in New York, explains:

“To go back to work on Tuesday, the week would be subjectively shorter, and even though on Friday, we would be more exhausted, that day the mood it would continue to be positive due to the proximity of the weekend. ”

Of course, that feeling of wellbeing and optimism would be diluted after two or three years to establish the new holiday, when society no longer perceived as something exceptional.

“From then on, everything would be like now, and the discomfort that we now feel on Monday, would move to Tuesday,” said the specialist.

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