Kazi Mtaani Internship Programme

The Government of Kenya (GoK) National Hygiene Program (NHP), dubbed Kazi Mtaani, is an extended public works project (EPWP) aimed at utilizing labour intensive approaches to create sustainable public good in the urban development sector.

The initiative aims to target employment of youth across the country and more specifically, to engage these youth in activities that will mainly improve the environment within informal settlements of urban areas while cushioning those youth from economic strain.

Especially, economic strain brought about by the the adoption of containment policies to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus across the country.

The contraction of economic activity as a result of coronavirus management measures has negatively impacted low income earners who often rely on daily wages from casual work and this hasimpacted many families’ abilities to meet basic needs.

Many of these families live in informal settlements where service delivery is challenged at best.

There is an opportunity to utilize EPWPs to achieve multiple aims of providing employment through daily wages for low income workers living in informal settlements while improving urban infrastructure and service delivery within informal settlements.

The Kazi Mtaani programme will therefore focus on putting people back to work in the short-term as a measure to alleviate the economic impact of the pandemic within informal settlements.

KAZI MTAANI Internship

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