Kenyan Celebrity Breakups Of 2020 So Far

Barely six months into 2020, alot of Kenyan celebs marriages have had a fair share of bad moments, and as a result, some of them did not manage to survive the huge storms

Adultery, lack of trust and faith are one of the key reasons to blame.

Here are Kenyan celebs marriages which have crashed and ended up in a bitter break up so far in 2020

Willis Raburu and Mary Prudence

Citizen TV star Willis Raburu reportedly dumped his wife Mary Irungu aka Mary Prudence Raburu around May 4th in 2020

The two lovely couple who married in May 5th in 2017, seemed to have fallen to marriage’s test of time.

Raburu however, did not confirm the social media allegations which claim that they separated with wife due to another lady .

Willis and Mary had been living with Mary in Phenom Estate in Lang’ata but vacated and he started living in with another woman in Nairobi’s Kileleshwa Estate while his wife on the other hand is living in a rental in Thindigua.

Willis agreed to pay two months rent for wife and divided their fortunes from previous house

In January this year the couple lost their daughter who they had christened Adana and it has left people speculating whether it is what caused problems between them.

Mary and Willis officially got married in 2017 via a private wedding

Tanasha Donna

The romours of Tanasha and Diamond separation grew out of proportion when Tanasha jetted back into Kenya around 1st of March 2020.

Tanasha has basically been with Diamond for a span of about three years and already they have a son.

But for now, what we know apart from the romours is the fact that Diamond and Tanasha could be getting away from each other forever

Tanasha and Diamond have never been seen together in public since their mutual separation in 2020 March

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