Kenyan Celebs Who Defied COVID-19 To Post Good Grades During Their Graduation In 2021

Despite COVID-19 pandemic that greatly affected education system among others, some of Kenyan celebs could not afford to sit back and just watch.

They went ahead to even post good grades during their graduation.

Julie Gichuru’s Daughter

Julie Gichuru is a happy mother after successfully seeing her daughter graduate in August 2021.

The mother of four shared a photo of her daughter Njeri Gichuru while she was a toddler juxtaposed with a grown up Njeri while she fixed her graduation cap.

The photo was iconic as it looked like Julie was now passing on her button to Njeri, to continue flying her legacy and even go further than what a name their mother had made in the family.

Mohammed Ali

Nyali Member of Parliament Mohamed Ali is a happy man after he graduated with a postgraduate degree from Moi University.

The MP who is also known as Moha Jicho Pevu on social media, said that he had graduated with a Masters of Arts in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy.

“What a proud day! I did it. Masters of Arts in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy. Moi University Eldoret. Allahu Akbar,” the MP shared the good news on Friday, August 13.

He also holds degree from the same varsity under Bachelor of Science in Communication . Besides he also studied journalism.

After attaining the diploma in journalism, the MP joined Pwani FM as an intern until he joined Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

Mohamed later worked at Radio Salaam as a producer before settling at KTN in 2007 where he was until his election to Parliament as Nyali MP in 2017.


Former Kakamega Senator Bony Khalwale was a delighted father after his daughter Imbuhila graduated with a degree in BSc Actuarial Science.

Today is great! Inger Imbuhila Khalwale graduates with BSc Actuarial Science (Upper Second Class) University of Nairobi. Mama Fina Umina Khalwale & I thank God, Kakamega Hill Junior Sch, Malinya Primary Sch, Limuru H. Sch Loreto & the UON for our daughter’s 18 year successful journey

Donald Kipkorir Daughter

Popular Nairobi  city lawyer Donald Kipkorir gifted his daughter a brand new car after graduating with Distinction from Birmingham City University, in the UK.

The lucky daughter received her first car gift during a party that had been locally arranged .

“My Beloved Daughter graduated with Distinction from Birmingham City University… my BFFs led by Hon.Justice Isaac Lenaola, came to Bless her. I give thanks to God Almighty for the many favors He grants me …. And we danced!” shared Donald Kipkorir.

The party was graced by some of the big names in the corridors of Justice such as Hon. Justice Isaac Lenaola, PLO Lumumba among others.

“… my BFFs led by Hon.Justice Isaac Lenaola, came to Bless her. I give thanks to God Almighty for the many favors He grants me …. And we danced”

“My Beloved Daughter & Her Circle of Loyal Friends …. Like Dad, she is building her BFFs. May God Bless her paths” wrote Donald Kipkorir.

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