Kenyan Celebs Who Paid Millions In High School

In Kenya, high end barbie secondary schools are very expensive in that parents or guardians can part with more than a million per term.

Such schools include The International School of Kenya, St Andrews Turi, Brookhouse School, Greensteads International School and Braeburn School.

They are basically a pipe dream for many Kenyans who barely survive on a dollar. Besides these celebs actually afforded them with alot of ease.

Almasi and Janet Mbugua

Aka Ian Munene, he went to Brookhouse High school. The Machachari actor is currently at Canterbury, Kent for his university in UK.

Janet Mbugua also went through Brookhouse High school, ahead of Almasi ofcourse before she joined Citizen TV

Uhuru Kenyatta, Lupita Nyongó and Jeff Koinange

President Of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta schooled at St.Mary’s Nairobi. Jeff Koinange who was his school mate and junior spoke of harassment from the young Uhuru then

“Boss, Uhunye alinihanda ndani ya minibus ya shule bwana (Uhuru used to bully me in the school minibus). Can you imagine that he is now the President?” Jeff said.

Hollywood Actress Lupita also studied from the same school, even though she was so much junior as compared to the two

Michelle Morghan and Edith Kimani

She made her debut on Citizen TV as a business news anchor. Before then she was at Hillcrest Secondary School before joining Middlesex University for a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied communication.

The DW reporter Edith Kimani is also an alumnus of Hillcrest High.

Size 8 aka Linet Muraya also got a scholarship and moved from State House Girls to Hillcrest

“Back then State House Girls haikuwa na mabarbie vile, though the rich walinishtua sana! However, when I got a scholarship to attend Hillcrest, I have to admit – I suffered a culture shock of my life! I was flabbergasted – students came from very affluent families! Wanafunzi walikuwa wanaletwa mpaka na chopper na saa hizo mimi ni mtoto wa Maringo… Then they spoke in deep English accents, you can just imagine!” Size 8 revealed to Citizen.

Nick Mutuma

The sexy and most sought after Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma went to Braeside which is part of the Braeburn Group of International Schools and is located off Muthangari Road, Lavington.Before that, he attended The International School of Tanganyika

Anne Kiguta and Wahiga Mwaura

It happened that the two Citizen TV anchors all went to Rusinga school.

“Gosh, Higgz we’ve known each other too long! Who knew that copying my History notes in Year 9 would bring us here. To this studio. To this very moment! When we would take a selfie and tell the whole world that we’ve known each other way too long.”  Anne wrote in one of her social media accounts.

Take a look at some of the most expensive high schools in Nairobi, and how much you will spend while studying there.

10. Kenton College Preparatory School

Tuition per term: KSH 675,918 ($7,415)
Location: Nairobi

9. Banda School

Tuition per term : KSH 695,000 ($7,625)
Location: Nairobi

8. Gems Cambridge International School

Tuition per term: KSH 718,480 (&7,885)
Location: Nairobi

7. Braeburn Imani International School

Tuition per term: KSH 727,800 ($7,990)
Location: Thika

6. Hillcrest School

Tuition per term: KSH 782,310 ($8,585)
Location: Nairobi

5. Peponi School

Tuition per term: KSH 792,000 ($8,690)
Location: Ruiru

4. Brookhouse School

Tuition per term: KSH 830,000 ($9,110)
Location: Nairobi

3. St. Andrews School

Tuition per term: KSH 994,500 ($10,915)
Location: Turi

2. Greensteds International School

Tuition per term: KSH 1,010,000 ($11,085)
Location: Nakuru

1. International School Of Kenya

Tuition per term: KSH 2,070,204 ($22,700)
Location: Nairobi

Kindly note, attached is the tuition fee, other charges apply.

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