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Kenyan Influencer Bosi Bori Apologizes For False Rape Accusations Fake Luxury Life On Twitter

With more than 68K followers, Bosi Bori is one of the key Twitter influencers you cannot afford to ignore.

And just recently, the young lady has been the talk of the town for the reasons of leading a fake and luxury life on Twitter.

The lady was first accused of claiming fake rape attempt from a man who was hosting her in Nairobi while she was studying in the college

The next case, that Bosi Bori was forced to admit is the fact that she claimed she owned a car.

Her twitter followers were also shocked when the girl claimed she had graduated yet she was still studying.

And lastly, Bosi Bori has a profile picture that has had men talking the effects of make ups on ladies.

The lady has largely lived her life on Twitter trying to ask help in one way or another, ironically at the same time showing of financial success and luxury life

She allegadly body shamed Stivo Simple boy, a famous rapper from Kibera slums who was heavily trolled over his look when his song ‘Mihadarati’ went on You Tube

Here is her official apology to Kenyans on Twitter

Her story on Twitter began when a KOT shared a photo of Bosi Bori without a make up.

In the photo, she had gone for help from Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris after she claimed that she had no fees to sponsor her education.

In what she called as a body shaming, she says that she has been forced into depression and stress .


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