Kenyans Can’t Solve A Puzzle Of Alien Machine In Town For Women

A photo of a woman in a machine locked with her head only out , has sparked social media debate in Kenya.

The photo was shared thousand times with the same number of commets.

In the comments section, it was nothing rather than questions on what the machine was and its functions.

However, a quick look at google reveals the machine is better known as Spa Capsule machine

The system is for weight loss, anti-cellulite, anti-aging, massage, and de-stressing. 

Spa capsule is also a non-invasive technology that provides an unattended, self-automated treatment for any health, beauty wellness, fitness and sport facility.

It is mostly designed to be used at home rather than visiting the beauty joints

Health issues ?

Using this spa capsule, health issues have been related to this machine include

  1. Pneumonia
  2. Bacteria breading ground
  3. Skin problems such as dermatitis or psoriasis.


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