How Kenyans Celebrated The Defunct Moi Day

Every year on 10th October, it was popularly known as Moi Day, a day set aside by former President Daniel Moi to honor his reign as a president for more than 24 years.

But this day would let be thwarted down by a successive parliament which was in support of NARC and affiliate in early 2005.

The day was however preserved and coined together with Kenyatta Day, which usually come 20th October , with two holidays then having only a week apart.

Today, we have a cocktail of Mashujaa day, celebrating all the heroes who fought for the country on every 20th of October.

Even though he served Kenya on a long term, his government was tainted with dictatorship, political assassinations and rampant corruption.

Moi came to power after the death of the founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta

Besides being a dead holiday, Kenyans on social media remembered the day in style.




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