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The Four Simple Chunks Of Closing A Deal

Many of us have in mind a model in which the consultant receives many calls from potential clients every day.

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He treats everyone with unflinching amiability. With diplomacy, this renowned expert selects the most interesting projects. We all dream of living the life of a star …


Dear reader, I sincerely wish you to join the handful of consulting stars who live this way. But maybe-be sure to be a part of the 99% who have to go and get the majority of their new clients.

So you need to master the art of prospecting. And this point is vital when you start your business.


Here is a very useful tool to help you sell your services: the four “yes” of the purchase of advice …

For a prospect to decide to use your services and buy you advice, a frank and massive “yes” must sound in his head in response to four questions. Attention, a negative answer to one of the first three questions is eliminatory!


Is it competent?

It is obvious. Your prospect must acquire the certainty that you are proficient in your field. The operational consequence: you must seek to give proof of your competence throughout the sales process. What “free samples” of your know-how can you distribute at every meeting with a prospect? What demonstrations of your relevance can you achieve?

Is he / she motivated?

Competence is not enough. Your prospect must feel that his subject motivates you, that you will give him the best of yourself.


Again, think in terms of demonstration, proof. What signals of enthusiasm can you send at each stage of the sale? An obvious concrete example of -motivation: the time and quality you invest in preparing each appointment with a prospect.

Does he / she have integrity?

No prospect wants to be robbed of money in his portfolio, but his demand for integrity goes further. He expects you to be reliable. That you are able to say “I do not know”. That you have a sense of confidentiality. What is your ability to inspire confidence? Do you have written ethical rules?

Has the current gone?

If it becomes your customer, your prospect will spend time with you. This idea should not put him off! He must feel good with you.


What is your ability to make yourself sympathetic? What is your real interest in your prospect? Do you really want to help? This is the only “yes” that is not indispensable, for two reasons:

Some clients (and some consultants!) Have absolutely no regard for the affective registry. It does not matter that the affinity is not at the rendezvous; for them, only the results count.
If you are mainly involved in a “do it yourself” mode, if you are more of a provider than a board or a coach, you will ultimately spend little time with your client.


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