Kenya’s Most Influential Brands

Kenya’s Most Influential Brands . A total of 100 brands have been examined and evaluated across the world and consequently ranked. This was done in 21 countries across the world. Kenya and Nigeria were the only lucky lot from Africa which a total of 36,000 people interviewed across the world.

Kenya’s Most Influential Brands in 2015
Kenya’s Most Influential Brands in 2015

Currently there are over 5000 brands in Kenya but only 106 made into the shortlist of the study

  1. Equity Bank

It offers mortgages, investments, debit cards, credit, banking services and loan services to a wide range customers, it also introduced a mobile calling services by Equitel.

The firm owned by James Mwangi has a customer exceeding six million across six African firms making it the largest firm in East Africa with more than 6000 employees

  1. Kenya Power

It is the only firm in Kenya which provides electricity services to the whole population of Kenya. It was founded by Jeevanjee Clement 94 years ago as Mombasa Electric Power and Lighting Company. The current CEO is Ben Chumo. KPLC has had a wide criticism like failing to combat theft of electricity in slums and failing to fully go electronic way.

  1. Ariel Washing Detergent

Ariel washing detergent comes after the octogenarian Omo which has been in the Kenyan Markets for decades. It serves a good population after Omo.

It was founded also in 1967 in UK and spread to Europe, Asia, Latin America and Middle Est.

  1. Omo

It has been in the Kenyan market for a very long term enjoying dominance before the introduction of Ariel.

It is cordially owned by Uniliver from Philippines and Sun Products from US.

In Kenya, all washing detergents are unknowingly called ‘OMO’

  1. Facebook

Facebook enjoys a market of about of 4.5 million who are actively users for every month. It is obviously owned by Mark Zuckerberg and originates from California in USA.

  1. Colgate

All toothpaste in Kenya are literally referred to as Colgate, this shows how the brand is so influential beyond any doubt..

It was founded by William Colgate who died 16 years later after selling his first brand in 1873.

It was the first ever brand of toothpaste to be introduced and it was sold in glass jars in New York, USA.

  1. Radio Citizen

Owned by the Royal Media Services, it commands a listenership of   more than 40% and it’s waves have spread across East Africa.

  1. Citizen TV

Also owned by Royal Media Services under S.K Macharia, Citizen TV enjoys the best viewership capturing more than 38% of Kenyan audience.

  1. Mpesa

It is Kenya’s only invented biggest treasure of the current time in technology. Mpesa is a mobile phone banking money service than was first and widely used in Kenya.

It was launched in 2007 and later spread to India, Afghanistan, South Africa and later to Eastern Europe. The Mpesa software was developed by a student software project.

  1. Safaricom

It was formed in 1977 and today has more than 3000 employees. It is owned by Vodafone 40% and Treasury 35%..

It enjoys a population of more than 12 million subscribers.

Bob Colymore succeeded Michael Joseph.

By Simon Ingari

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