How To Know Who Ignores Me In Whatsapp In A Group Chat

Group chats in WhatsApp allow us to talk with friends, co-workers and family members in the same conversation. A great advantage that also has its drawbacks. Which? The typical “clashes” of having read a message and have not replied that it always annoys one of the members of that group. Look because they can know if they are ignored!


“Why do not you answer me?”, “Have not you read my message?” Or “‘Do you come from me?” Are some of the questions that have been asked in WhatsApp ever if you have decided to ignore a conversation or put a bad excuse to say that nothing has gotten to your mobile.

Since the double blue check arrived in WhatsApp (although it can be removed to avoid mess), discussions in this regard have increased, even in groups. Yes, in case you did not know, in those immense work groups, friends or family you can know if you have decided to move from your face or make up a cheap excuse with which not to read those messages.
Do you know how to do it? In Qué.es we reveal the steps that you have to follow to know who ignores you in a group. Do you have an Android phone or an iPhone? Because there are differences …


One of the latest WhatsApp updates prevented you from knowing which people had read some of your messages in a group chat. However, the application has reinstated that option for its Android users.

How? Enter the group in question that interests you and press for a few seconds the message that you want to see who has read. Next, a top menu will appear where you will have to click on a kind of “i” with a circle (information).

There you can see who has read the message and what time it has done (with the famous double blue click). However, whoever has not done so will appear below the whole in the “delivered” section, that is, that has arrived but has not seen it.



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