List Of Pricey And Luxury Cars Owned By Grand Mullah

Ahmednasir Abdullahi aka Grand Mullah is one of the famous and well respected lawyer in Nairobi.

Besides his public legal life, Grand Mullah does not shy away from showing off his luxuries including jewels of his automobile garage.

Below is a list of his pricy cars written on his name .

Toyota Land Cruiser

This is one of the famous SUVs among Kenyan politicians.

It is credited for its offroad capabilities as well as its ability to achieve top speed in few seconds.

The car goes for around 5 million to 20 million based on its year of making

Mercedes G Wagon

The SUV car can reach up to 100KM/h in just five seconds with a top speed of 209KM/H

It is retailed in Kenya for about Ksh.20m. The car is largely owned by Hollywood stars.

Bentley Bentyaga

The car goes for Ksh.20 million without any further customs .

Grand Mullah was famous after he sued KeNHA following a case where the windscreen of the car was broken by a stone when the road was under renovation

He was awarded with Ksh.750,000 for the damage

Porsche Cayanne

With a base price of Ksh.5 million, Grand Mullah is also a proud owner of this sleek machine

Landrover Discovery

The car is a product of Jaguar Land Rover Company.

It costs around 6 million and is one of the top rated SUVs in Kenya

Other cars owned by grand mullar

Suzuki Vitara


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