10 Looks That Gave Ladies Something More During Nominations-Part 1

In Nairobi, women will fall in love with you as long as you can give tham more than they spent and earn, in a nutshell. A rich man stands a high chance of getting a cute girl than a very handsome man who is poor in the same vein.

But very few men poses both qualities, and those who do, they are already taken.

For the following chaps who won


  1. Mbogo

Steve Mbogo has all it takes to be a dream guy for so many celeb females, he has money, glittering looks and now, to top up, he has power. He is now the officially nominated ODM Starehe MP aspirant come August

  1. Babu

Image result for babu owino mp embakasi east

The former student leader of University of Nairobi, Babu Owino, aka Paul Ongili is the main man to beat in Embakasi East consttituency. Besides that, ladies know he has a good skin, with a stunning face to look upto. Not to mention that he has money

  1. Steve Kariuki

The son to Bishop Margeret Wanjiru, better known as ‘man stevo’ is the current Mp of Mathare north in Nairobi County. Just like his mother, he has got killer looks. And a dazzling chap to hook up with

  1. Chege Maura

Image result for mca ngara chege mwaura

The current MCA in Ngara and now the nominated Jubilee aspirant in Nairobi county, for the same seat. American, eloquent, charming and has got a handsome looks. He has stolen the hearts of many introverts and even extroverts

  1. Jaguar

Image result for charles njagua kanyi

Jubilee Mp aspirant come musician Charles Kanyi aka Jaquar, is famous for his handsomeness in the music industry. He has never let down fans when it comes to music and so is in leadership. He will face off with Boniface Mwangi and Steve Mbogo in Starehe


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