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Love Reasons Why Couples Should Not Celebrate The Valentine’s Day

A date is coming for all the relationships of couples and also for all the people who without being a couple are in love. We talk about Valentine, about whether or not to celebrate this holiday and we have found some reasons why Valentine should not be a special day as a couple. Or that every day is Valentine.
Shortcomings in the couple celebrating Valentine’s Day

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There are couples who refuse to celebrate Valentine’s Day out of sheer laziness, but there are other couples who run away from Valentine’s Day by arguing rather coherent reasons. These couples are reluctant to the excesses of love of some heavy couples who insist on making their love public to the point that it almost becomes advertising.

In the same vein, celebrating Valentine’s Day as the day of lovers would be a significant lack in the couple. Do you need the calendar to remind you that you love your partner? The main argument of couples who do not do anything special on this date is that love is shown every day, not a day marked by tradition or shopping malls.

And it is true that in a couple every day should be Valentine, every day should be special, at least so do those happy couples able to turn everyday moments into unforgettable memories of their love. Because it does not help to give today to your partner a box of chocolates in the form of a heart if tomorrow you put back the distance as always.

Since it is useless to send a postcard or a love letter in Valentine’s Day, prepare a romantic date for two or enjoy a festive erotic evening in a couple if the next day you become one of those couples by inertia in which there are Anything but love. That’s why Valentine should not be a special day as a couple, but every day should be Valentine’s Day.

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