Man Learns To Make Up His Wife Before She Loses Her Sight

An 84-year-old man in Ireland learned how to make up his wife so he could help her when she lost her sight. His 83-year-old wife suffers from a vision impairment that will leave her blind in a short time.

This story of love is played by the couple of Mona and Des Monahan, they have attended classes in their town since last October.

Now he knows how to apply lipstick, bronzer and eyeliner. In addition to knowing the use of different brushes, how do you see?

Now his wife has trouble distinguishing colors, but she is confident that her husband will always make her look amazing.

The idea arose when she had taken him to a beauty salon to be put on makeup, there was a genuine curiosity for the various products and began to ask questions to the makeup artist.

Makeup artist Rosie O’Driscoll, 43, said “they are an adorable couple, Des liked to learn to help Mona.”

Now, all three were invited to the studio of a professional makeup artist in London, who gave them personal lessons.

In addition to the union between them, it is a story that reminds us that regardless of age, you can always learn new things and get other skills, even in adversity. All a love story.



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