Meet Kanari, Who Found The Strength To Return 15 Million Mistakenly Sent To Her By NYS

Monica Kanari is a living testimony of kindness.

Monica Kanari

On 20th December 2018, she gathered enough strength  and humbly returned a whooping Ksh 15,306,689 back to NYS account without withdrawing even a single coin.

The woman was quoted by a local paper, this shocked many as most of Kenyans would have taken the advantage of the bad situation.


I Was Surprised To Get Money In My Account, A Whole Sh15 Million And When I Asked My Bank, They Told Me It Had Been Sent From Central Bank. On Further Inquiry, I Discovered It Had Been Sent From The Nys And I Felt The Good Thing Is To Ask The Bank To Re-Wire The Money Back To Where It Came From. I Even Wrote To The Ps About This, She Said As Quoted By The Standard



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