Meet The Sexy Guy Who Is Making Fisilets Have Sleepless Nights

He’s hot! Like the kind of hot that makes you stop walking on the street and get hit by a car. A wise man once said chema cha jiuza kibaya cha jitembeza.


This sexy guy will make many ladies start salivating but some take him as a fashion icon which is also a good idea since “Men” are well known for not caring much about their looks, so if one is spotted, the crown will automatically be his.

As I was going through my social media page, there was a photo that caught my attention It was by reading through the comments that justified why I thought I should share:

‘’This God’s creation is adorably handsome. Wueeh, Mungu hapa kweli uliumba……’’

‘’Mi naona beyond the bike…damn’’

‘That taeri iko sawa just imagine the gear,, uuuiii’’

The ladies are going to that an imaginary world, lusting after him, having sleepless nights and making wishes that can never come to pass. We can’t blame them – its normal for  every individual to have that special intimate feeling for the opposite sex.

The fact that women are  gravitating towards the sexy guy from all directions, like a planetary orbit, probably makes him feel proud and highly appreciated. Granted, every lady has her tastes when it comes to the men she wishes to be associated with.

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