Meet The Man Varshita Was Cuddling With During Christmas Holiday

KTN TV top actress seems to have bagged herself a man just before we entered into 2019.

Varshita alias Eve D’souza is well known of a fierce role on Auntie Boss which airs on the Standard Group owned TV.

Varshita has remianed so mean with her relationship status even when she was pegged down during local news interviews, claiming that ‘right time’ was not yet.

However, towards the end of last year as well as the beginning of this year, she has spilled so much beans for the showbizz news bulletins.

She has shared photos of Simon Anderson who is a professional traveler and experience seeker, food and wine lover and a Sevens Rugby fan.

Varshita also had stated a reason to remain private with her love style before.

“The way my family approaches relationships is, until it is dead serious I don’t want to introduce anyone. My self-esteem has always been based on my career and not on relationships. It’s not like I’m dying to show off a man,” she said.

Check out her holiday posts below

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Merry Christmas everyone 😘 Have a blessed day, but watch out for that food coma 😴 #christmas #love #blessed

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