MMUST IT Student Invent A Chatting App That Uses No Data

A Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology third year student from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) has found away to share files and important information without using internet or data.

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Rodger Wambua, the innovator developed an app he dubbed Bluetooth chat which enables one to send and receive data and messages without incurring any charges.

“With the Bluetooth Chat, you can chat with your friends even when you do not have data bundles in your phone or WI-FI fitted within your surroundings. No charges are incurred,” Wambua said

Several students who have so far impressed this technology testified that they have been able to save money that would have been incurred if they had not used this Wambua’s school made app.

The app is however limited to a radius of not more than 100 metres. Somethinbg that has send Wambua back to the drawing board.


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