Moment Comedian Akuku Danger Revealed Dating Sandra, Fans Couldn’t Believe

Akuku Danger and Sandra Dacha are officially dating in 2022. However, not many of their fans bought the idea until it was too late.

Churchill show comedian Akuku despite clarifying the matter, and Sandra Dacha posting the same on her social media accounts, few bought the idea.

And surely, the fans had got true reasons not to believe.

First Sandra is a comedian, and so is Akuku .

Secondly, Sandra Dacha came in hand to save the life of Akuku Danger, she used her influence to raise over 3.5 M which Akuku needed for his hospital bill.

A move that melted the hearts of many Kenyans. Besides Sandra Dacha stayed by the beside of Akuku until he came out of the hospital, and it believed that the two fell in love during this moment.

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