Murang’a Farmers Feeding Families With Monkey Meet After Poor Harvest

Murangá farmers have turned to monkey meet after experiencing a loss in their crop harvest.

They claim, monkeys are feeding on their crops thus greatly reducing their harvest at the end of the season. They are only left with them as the sole source of food.

Another advantage to the unfortunate farmers is the fact that eating to them is another form of reducing their numbers from their eco-system.

Their governor Mwangi wa Iria had allocated more than 2 million shillings to help tame the menace. And over 300 traps were sent in the eight sub-counties to help them in arresting the problem.

Monkey meat is largely popular in Congo forest and most of the West African countries.

Scientists had warned that eating monkey meat and even their family such as gorillas could cause a threat such as the next ‘HIV’ menace.





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