Nairobi Heavy Rains, A Season For Hustlers To Harvest From Poor Planning

Nairobians who are like minded are doing business as usual.

As many cry foul during the heavy rains flooding everywhere,many job going citizens are feeling the pain through first hand experiences.

Take for instance in the CBD, a group of men with make shift bridges from trolleys were charging sh.10 to cross flooded paths.

Meanwhile these are the routes you should avoid since they are very prone to floods.

Nairobi roads affected by heavy rains:

  1. Forest Road
  2. Uhuru Highway
  3. Globe Roundabout
  4. Juja Road – Pangani
  5. Mbagathi Road
  6. Bangladesh – Ongata Rongai
  7. Lang’ata Road
  8. T-Mall Roundabout
  9. Westlands/Peponi Road
  10. Ojijo Road
  11. Ngong Road


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