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Nairobi Prostitutes Reveal How They Rescue Disabled Men, Street Boys From Night Cold

One of the largest points where street boys and disabled men are discriminated in Nairobi, is at sex points. Workplaces might be the second place.

On many occasions street boys aka chokaraas are discriminated on many instances because they are stinking even if they can afford the cost of the service.

While disabled men are left on their own just because they are born different!

While this is true, a group of prostitutes in Nairobi do not seem to agree with the rest. They see them all the same as long as they can afford the cost of the service.

Take for instance in Majengo, sex workers do not put anyone aside, this has led to an influx of disabled men in Nairobi’s city slum.

Sex workers say they are brought by their caretakers who leave them for hours or even days and later come for them. There a shot will take sh.100. But for a regular customer it can take less after a bargain.

Servicing a disabled person comes with a little bit of challenges, and at times it also posses serious difficulties but not on a daily occasions.

Take for instance a physically challenged or deaf person would not pose a big problem as compared to a blind person. A normal client would take about 5 minutes for s shot while a disabled would take even more than 10 minutes for a shot.

In Korogocho sex workers service men form Dandora dumpsite who curry all the bad smell to their bed, but they will not care as long as they can pay for the ride.

For them they are changed sh.30 and an extra sh.20 for buying soap that would wash the bed and the stinky smell from the room.

The rare business has faced its own fair share of challenges as the ladies claim these chokoras and disabled men pose a dangerous threat just like the rest of the normal customers.

Example of such a problem is the fact that chokoras are armed with crude weapons who threaten the ladies and may not end up paying for the service.

Also, some disabled have alot of stamina and strengths in their harms, and might hold one done for more shots than they had agree before.

Commercial sex remains an illegal business in Kenya since the onset of the 2010 August constititouin but poverty and life struggle has left the victims with little or no option to afford a living


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