Ndii’s Hilarious Reply To A Troll Who Equated His Research Skills As ‘Kiherehere’ In Ghetto

A tweep troll sought to know where David Ndii gets all his facts right. To which National Super Alliance (Nasa) strategist Ndii comfortably answered that he gets from his well done researches.

But the tweep was not yet done. He informed Ndii that what he thought was research is rather ‘Kiherere’ in mtaani aka ghetto.

Ndii was not going to lose this cheap battle, he went own and used his last stone stating that that’s why he was going to play golf while the latter languish in mtaani.

Check the hilarious tweeter replicates below

Here is how the conversation between Ndii and the troll went:


most idle ninja i know unajuaanga aje hizi zote

David Ndii


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Wewe inaonekana unaeza niambia ntakula nini sapa from the so called Research huku mtaaani we call it KIHEREHERE

David Ndii


Thats why you are in mtaani and I am off to play golf.

Other brigades joined the war of tweets

Nahashon Kimemia@nahashon87

Isn’t it an irony that those who shout the loudest claiming to represent the poor are the same ones who ridicule the poor for being poor? Makes you wonder, who are they fighting for? Is it the poor? You can only hide your true character & intentions so far. Truth will out, always


Some of the lessons we learn from the golf course are patience, respect for others and humility. I wonder whether @DavidNdii is playing with right pple and what handicap he is playing off.


Ah lakini hata hujatutisha na io golf, uhunye si alisema ikuwe free sport pale Universities, sasa tutarudi tufanye Guidance and counselling huko tukicheza

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