Wild Speed- Fast Five Mammals On Earth

The fastest mammals on Earth that are indisputably present in several listings are the felines . The Cheetah , ( Acinonyx jubatus ) is the one that holds the fastest land record, with registered trademarks of up to 115 km per hour.

It is capable of maintaining this speed in short distances, of no more than five hundred meters. In longer distances its average speed drops to 95 km per hour.

1.The Siberian Tiger

The Siberian Tiger , ( Panthera tigris altaica ) is the largest of the species and the most robust feline of the entire animal kingdom.

It lives in the forests of Russia and is able to reach, running on snow, up to 90 km per hour. This huge cat can reach up to 3.30 meters long and weigh up to 300 kilos.

2. Squirrel

Also the tiny Squirrel of the Carolinas ( Sciurus carolinensis ) can reach 90 km per hour.

It is a species that is currently listed as the most harmful invasive species in the world, along with approximately 100 others.

Being one of the fastest mammals , the danger is even greater.

3.The Berrendo

The Berrendo , ( Antilocapra americana ), also known as an American antelope , lives in almost all the United States of America and is the fastest mammal of the entire region, reaching 80 km per hour.

But he shares his speed record with an African relative, the Thomson Gazelle ( Eudorcas thomsonii ). This beautiful animal is the second of the fastest mammals in Africa, after the invincible cheetah.

It is also capable of reaching 80 km per hour and in this life goes, because it lives surrounded by predators, from the cheetah itself or the leopard to the crocodiles.

4. The Common Antelope

Another very fast African mammal, but this time of great size, is the Common Antelope ( Taurotragus oryx ), that although apparently does not look very agile, is able to reach 70 km per hour.

The Common Antelope has a very particular dewlap that serves to regulate its body temperature.

5.The horse

The horse ( Equus ferus caballus ), an animal that has accompanied us from the depths of history, and is also one of the fastest mammals on Earth. Its size, its resistance to load and its speed, made it the ideal animal for human movements. It is capable of reaching 70 km per hour.

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