New 2018 WA-DA-DA Matatu Breaking Necks On Thika Road

If you are a Rastafarian, of you love reggae at-least, Wadada matatu is your perfect gift for the 2018 year.

The Matatu which plies the Kasarani rout is one of its kind which comes in colours of green and yellow.

For Rastafarians these are not just like any other colors, they mean core integral purpose of peace, unity and love.

Peter Mwoya aka Blackie, who works in the mat, explains that, “Black Wa-Da-Da is one of the hits by popular Reggae legend Burning Spear, many people identify with him thus the name and even his portraits inside and outside the mathree”

He adds that, “We play reggae music most of the time via four woofers, 16-mid range speakers and six LED screens.”

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