New Spy App Reveals Who You’re Talking To On Whatsapp

The new application is called Chatwatch and is available for iOS, this application promises its users to answer the old question: ‘Who will be speaking at 3 in the morning?’.

And certainly if you answer that question, according to its authors, based on the data from the ‘Online’ and ‘Last connection’ indicator of your WhatsApp contacts.

“The Artificial Intelligence” of Chatwatch presents the user the possibility of obtaining information about “when they went to bed, how long they slept” and with whom and how much their friends, family or employees chatted.

In addition, the application can check the patterns of ‘chat’ of 2, 5 or 10 contacts chosen by the user and make estimates of the probability that they talk to each other during the day.

Even if the indicator of the ‘Last connection’ is deactivated.

According to the presentation, available on the website of Chatwatch, the target audience of the application would be the possessive boyfriends who need to control the lives of their partners, when they do not have them by their side.

To start abusing the privacy of your WhatsApp contacts, the user has to pay Ksh.200 per week for two spied contacts.

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