No, The Sperm Did Not Conquer Your Egg: Your Ovule Chose It

All your life you thought it was a sperm race. That you were the fastest of millions of others. Error . Like many scientific theories, this one seems to be wrong, in addition to belittling the function of the female reproductive cell.

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Curious, they always point out that man is competitive, and it turns out that his theory presented that same pattern; However, the recent study by Dr. Joseph H. Nadeau shows that it is the ovule that selects the sperm.

Nadeau explains (continuing with the competitive terms) that this race is already purchased, the winner is already defined. The ovule favors or discards the sperm, this is called: Genetically biased fertilization.

He was able to demonstrate his theory from some experiments he did in mice. As a first instance, I have added a normal gene and a mutant (cancer) gene in the females, while the male mice had all their normal genes.

This first exercise is exactly as dictated by Mendel’s laws, each parent carries two copies of each gene and fertilization is done randomly.

The second study was conducted in reverse, a mutant gene (cancer) and a normal one were added to the male mice. In this case, and contrary to the results that they would have expected, only 27% of the mice had the mutant gene.

That is, fertilization is not done randomly, or through a race, it is rather a process of sperm selection by the egg.

Not only at the social level, also, at a biological level, women constitute an essential part of fertilization.



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