Plans To Have Same School Uniform Inches Closer

Plans by Kenya government to have all students in the country put on the same school uniform is closing the gap.

Students celebrating their good performance in 2015/2016 results

Just as all buses have the same school uniform, this pipe dream is soon to be realized.

Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed talking to the press on 9th July confirmed adding that the ministry was in consultation with relevant agencies involved.

“Schools have sponsors and that means that we consult them before we make any decision,” she said.

The same comments were reinforced by Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang who was visiting Eldoret.

“As we move towards having the same uniform and fabric in all our schools, we want Rivatex to prepare so that they are able to play a role in the manufacture of the uniforms that will be required” Dr Kipsang said.

Ghana and Tanzania are some of the countries which have the same school uniform across the country



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