PLO Chased Away After A Public Lecture In Namibia

Public speaker, Lawyer PLO Lumumba received a cold shoulder to lean on while in Namibia few hours ago.

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It is believed that the Namibians were not pleased with his lecturing siting that he should go home to his country and sort out the mess before he could lecture them on good governance.

PLO was advocating for jail to those corrupt ministers and officers in the government of Namibia.

This is a clear irony concerning the fact that the Supreme Court of Kenya annulled the ruling by IEBC to declare President Uhuru Kenyatta as a duly elected president.

It should be noted that PLO was in support of IEBC officials, who the court clearly stated that they were not competent in the just concluded elections.

PLO should seek arrest of incompetent IEBC officers in Kenya before telling Namibia to arrest their corrupt officers. Otherwise he will be drinking alcohol and preaching water.

The following conversation was a screenshot of a public political group of Namibians



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