10 Tips To Save Car Fuel

May the lack of money not surprise you by the end of the fortnight! We know that maintaining a car can sometimes be very costly between paying for maintenance service, that may arise and the cost of gasoline. Youth Village Kenya  gives you the best benefits and we present 10 tips to save fuel.

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1.Do not step on the accelerator to start. Gone are the cars that went with a carburetor, the technology allows you to start a car without it being necessary to accelerate it to start it.

2.It is recommended to go to the second speed immediately after starting (around 2,000 revolutions) because the speed increases and the force that the car needs also.

3.Make the speed changes accordingly, do not wait for the engine to overstress, change the speed as you go and drive faster.

4.Pressing the accelerator to the bottom consumes a lot of fuel, so it is advisable to take advantage of the inertia of the car and operate it gently to save fuel.

5.Avoid braking in the dry, maintain uniform speed will keep you in stability as well as save gas, brakes and other things.

6.Accelerate progressively, with this you will only consume the fuel that is needed to increase speed. If you accelerate, you will force the engine faster and then you will need more gas to make this effort.

7.When you can, close the windows and sunroof so you avoid the formation of turbulence and friction that causes your vehicle to make a greater effort to move forward.

8.Extra weight control At higher load your car you have to make more strength to walk and with it take more fuel that drives it.

9.Turn off the engine if you stop for more than a minute, the fuel during idling is considerably high, 0.5 and 0.7 liters per hour.

10.Perform maintenance service continuously, if you perform a cleaning engine and an oil change when your car needs it will make it work optimally and efficiently, remember that engine failure can cause an increase in fuel consumption.




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