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Popular Sexy Female Gym Instructors In Kenya

In fitness, ladies have turned out in large numbers than before, not just to train and keep fit, but also helping others stay on healthy lines.

With female ladies as gym instructors, this has been a piece of cake for men visiting such training sessions.

Here is a list of hot and sexy Kenyan female instructors who are just cute to adore.

Marjolein Blokland

Joining the fitness lanes was not a joke for Blokland. First it started off as a self esteem as she fought with weight issues.

After managing to shed off some great weight, she joined fashion and modelling industry. It was not enough until she became a gym instructor

She specializes in Muaythai, Pole Dance for Fitness and Personal Training

In 2016, Marjolein appeared as a main cast member for two seasons in the controversial reality TV series, Nairobi Diaries.

Which eventually led to her having her own fitness show “Tizi” in 2018.


Better known as Stephanie Wanjiku Mwaura, she is a professional fitness trainer who loves  hiking, cycling, swimming, walking, lifting all kinds of weights

Jane Mukami

Her fitness journey can be traced way back to 2008 when she joined gym.

Since then, she moved on to become one of the key gym trainers in Nairobi.

Mukami also boasts of well tones skin and chisel shaped physique

Everlyne Okinyi

She is the woman behind epic transformation of TV star Willis Raburu who lost tonnes of KGs in few years ago.

She founded Eveal Health and Fitness that helps Nairobians shed off excess weight after visiting KFC or eating nyama choma

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