Profile Names Facebook Doesn’t Allow

In its beginnings, and for several years, Facebook demanded its users to always use their real name. Over time this evolved to allow pseudonyms that respect certain standards. But if the social network identifies that it is “poorly written” it could block you.

” Facebook is a community in which people use the name they use regularly, so we make sure you always know who you connect with,” explains the social network. What it means only allows certain types of names and condemns others.

The name you show on your Facebook profile should not include symbols, numbers, capitalization used in an unusual way, repeated characters or punctuation marks. Neither contain characters of different languages ​​(such as Chinese, other Latin and other Cyrillic).

On the other hand, the name you show can not be a title of any kind (like your profession), words or phrases instead of your real name, offensive or suggestive words of any kind. All other people’s behavior in real names.

“The name of your profile should be the name by which your friends know you,” explains Facebook on its user support page. “This name must also appear on an identity document from our list of documents [which includes birth certificate, passport, ID card, among others, that the social network can request to confirm your identity]”.

While nicknames are allowed only if they are a variation of the real name: like Pepe instead of Jose. You can include another name, such as an artistic one besides the real one. While if the profile bears the name of your business, the social network invites you to create a page for it.

It is possible that you try to change your name, but the social network does not allow it. This is possibly because your name does not comply with Facebook policies , you changed it in less than 60 days or you tried to change it too often, you will be asked to confirm your name if the one you are placing does not match any document that you have submitted to confirm your identity.



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