Putting Car Keys In Microwave Would Guard Your Car At Night

There is an African sayings that tricks our minds a little. It says:

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When the bird learned to fly without perching, the hunter learnt to shoot without missing. It is the same idea car thieves have employed in the modern world of technology.

Many locked cars have been stolen from parking lots and the CCTV which captured some of the heist actvities have indicated that some cars were not broken into before being stolen.

Rather the thieves opened them swiftly and made away with your luxury car.

The thugs, according to experts room around your house with special devices that serve to relay amplify and transmit signals from your keys hidden in a drawer or a jacket.

Your car is tricked to believe the keys are close to the car, then open to let the thugs in. This is how your car vanishes without a trace.

Experts advise keeping your keys in metallic devices such as mini-microwaves or special metallic wallets which can block malicious signal sensors



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