Read Sharon’s Mother Heartfelf Message To Obado

Late Sharon Otieno’s mother fight to justice was strongly seen when she filed a petition to allow Migori Governor Okoth Obado to remain behind the bars during the murder case.

Governor Obado

Hellen Auma, told the court that some of Sharon’s family members were part of the witness bar and felt threatened if the suspects were set off the remand on bail.

I beg this court to find that there are compelling reasons to deny the accused persons bail during trial,” read part of the affidavit.

On her message to Obado, she was not forgiving yet until killers were found

I pray that everyone linked to the murder of my daughter sharon and her unborn child remain in custody even as the trial is expedited.

Sharon’s mother also revealed that her daughter had disclosed to her their relationship with Obado

I spoke with sharon who later owned up and disclosed to me that she had a man-woman relationship with zacharia okoth obado, who was responsible for her pregnancy.


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