The Reason Why Men & Women’s Button Are Placed On Opposite Sides

I love making new discoveries or learning about new fun facts cause they make for great conversation starters over dinner with friends and at the end of the day most people love learning new things.

That said, have you ever noticed or wondered why the women’s clothing have buttons on the left side while the male shirts have buttons on the right side? To be honest, I had never realized that this was the case till recently and I write this in a very matter of factly tone.


So I was happy to delve into why that’s the case:

Apparently, buttons date back to the 1930s. By then, buttons were considered a luxurious fashion item and only the rich could afford them fashionable pieces. At that time, affluent ladies had maids who dressed them and that is why the buttons of the ladies shirts or clothes were put on the left so that the maids can quickly and easily button their madams with the assumption that a majority of the people are right-handed. Men however, mostly dressed themselves and that is why the buttons were put on the right side.

men and women buttons


While this is the most common theory out there, others suggest that the male clothes button were put on the right side so that they can easily and quickly remove their swords when at war. Whatever the case, it still works these days since most men like to undress their ladies when things are about to heat up in the bedroom.*wink*



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