Reason Why CBK New Coins Have Ridges On Edges

Central Bank Of Kenya alias CBK unveiled new Kenyan currency in an event attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta and CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge.

The new currency inform of notes and coins was gazetted and poured into circulations immediately.

Among the key unique features in regards 2010 constitution, the new currency comes with portraits of animals as opposed to the old one which was having portraits of old Kenyan Presidents

Similarly, the coins are also serrated or have ridges just like the old ones. Reason? Check out below

The answer lies back in USA during the time of 1792 when the Coinage Act established the U.S. Mint. 

Then the coins were made of luxury medals such as gold, silver and Diamond

However it presented a major problem to the government after opportunistic criminals saw a deal of filing the edges of the coins to mint extra medals, in the end it rendered lots of coins useless.

The money body was forced to ‘reed’ coins or rather add ridges on the coins so as to prevent the filing of the coins.

In the end, the design presented awesomeness and made intricate and counterfeiting more difficult.

Even though todays coins are made of no precious medals, they still retain the traditional ridges which helps more for the visually impaired to feel the different types of coins using the ridges.

Besides the new Kenyan coins have been made possible for the blind by the usefull ridges 

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