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Reporting A Lost Phone Isn’t For Police To Find It, It Rather Protects You From CID Cops

Have you ever lost your phone? If yes let me guess what you did.

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You went straight to the SIM Card renewal shop and got the line replaced. then you bought or sourced for another phone.

Life went on after cursing and coming to the terms with the reality of a lost phone.

Life went on for your side, but the phone still reads that it is yours, meaning the Criminal Department CID can use it to arrest you if it is used in a forgery or to break any kind of the law.

How can you bypass this double pain of throwing salt in your eyes.

When you lose a phone to thieves, go straight to the police station and report it . It will save your life one day.

If you want to see one of the Thomases, read the post below

You can also save your fellow by sharing and spreading the word to reduce the network of thugs



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