Review- Which One Is Best, FIFA18 Or PES18?

Konami, developer of the game Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), has proposed to deliver to the public in 2018 a product of extraordinary quality, where the movements can be much more fluid and can add new players never seen.

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We all know the contention that exists between these two franchises, what one lacks, the other counteracts with systems of intuition together with more naturalness in the controls, and so on.

The most drastic differences have been analyzed since the demos of both videogames were released at the beginning of September. As a point to highlight, the old PES problem was discussed, as it did not have permission to show the players and the stadiums as they really are. This fact has come to annoy many fans, and is one reason why many fans opt for FIFA.

Although many players have praised the naturalness and strategy that is needed to win in Konami’s product, which is in love with an audience that likes a game of much more skill, since the games can be analyzed and paused for a better performance and, on the other hand, the modality in FIFA has become very popular to play online and be able to reach world tournaments in which there are millionaire rewards.

The consoles this year will play an outstanding role, because the product of EA Sports will release a version for Nintendo Switch, which has not announced PES and it is unknown that there may be an adaptation.

There has been talk of the rivalry par excellence that occurs between the two teams that star in the licensing of brands. On the one hand, the Real Madrid team has given the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo to be, along with the team, the emphasis of the game FIFA18, while for Pro Evolution Soccer, his star team will be Barcelona, ​​which among them are famous for having classics and within the game will expose all the ferocity of the players.

The quality in the image, as well as the appearance of spectators and players has always been a subject of discussion when buying them.

In the 2018 version, PES continues with more muted tones, but with great veracity in the representation of players, from expressions to body hair which seeks to remain 100% real, while, in FIFA, are much more vivid tones , and with more real stadiums with a not so homogeneous audience, but it has physical and emotional diversity.

It can be said that, although FIFA has a wider audience, the niche goal of PES has appreciation and good reviews of both good graphics and adaptability in the game, which has managed to remain loyal.



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