Rose Muhando Explains The Beef With Her Former Band Artists Tainting Her Name Badly

The Kiatu Kivue hit maker was once in the bad light for attempting abortion. This time now, the unmarried Tanzanian artist claims that her enemies are spreading her death romours.

Something she does not Fathom.

Speaking to a local Tanzanian media, Rose Muhando said she does not understand why she is being tainted in black life

“I decided to get rid of some people in my team and this did not go well with them. They are now working hard to kill my career and bring in new artistes that they can use.”

What about the strange disease that could kill you anytime Rose?

“I was suffering from a strange illness that caused my legs to swell for three months. I will bring evidence from the doctor for you to understand that i’m not 18.”

Who is out to paint you with a black colour Rose?

“I am very healthy and going about my life. Tanzanian media is determined to tarnish my name and i don’t know why. I have been attending meetings and working on my comeback,” she said.



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