School Girls Protested After 5 Boys Were Caught At Night In Girls’ Clothes

Cardinal Otunga Girls’ High students protested after 5 boys from their neighboring school Mary’s Kibabii Boys High School were caught in the girls’ school wearing their uniform.

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The 5 boys were caught by administrators around 11pm who called on police before they were taken to Bungoma police station.

Police had to stop the girls who had gone to strike demanding the transfer of the school principal. Unknown value of the school property was destroyed before they could be stopped.

The boys are thought to have made their way via a school bus which had spend the entire day in their compound.

This is not the first incident to happen.

In 2015, 10 boys were arrested after they were found in a girls’ compound at night in Gilgil area.

The boys from Koelel Boys’ High School sneaked into the dormitories at Gilgil Girls’ Secondary before being caught.


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