Security Alert Issued Over Face App

Security alert has been issued by two year old Russian app dubbed Face App.

The App developed by Wireless Lab, that’s based in St. Petersburg requires an internet connection before one can doctor own images to look younger or older.

The app which is available on Android and iOS users, suddenly went viral two weeks ago, sparking off security fears over the use of personal data.

There is no a single reported case, however there has been chatter on social media over its ability to protect the data of its users, or at all, sweeping off personal information from users for personal gain.

Cambridge Analytica, which is accused of election malpractice in Kenya, was accused of stealing user data using tricking questions in which users were asked to respond to them.

Mashable, an online tech magazine, quoted Ever and IBM as huge suspects in user data security theat.

Earlier this year, NBC reported that Ever, a popular photo storage app, was using its users’ photos to train facial recognition software it then sold to law enforcement. IBM was also found to be using Flickr photos to train facial recognition applications without permission from those in the photos. And last year, PopSugar’s viral “twinning” app inadvertently leaked data. – Mashable

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