See Through The Skin, The New Technology For Doctors And Surgeons

If there is something that doctors would like to have, it is X-ray vision, the possibility of seeing through the skin and bones of people to be able to better know where to pain come from, to symptom

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Now , a Researchers at the Canadian University of Alberta want to find a solution that does not require invasive surgery on the patient.

This is ProjectDR, an augmented reality system that will allow doctors and surgeons to include the information obtained through radiographs, tomographies or magnetic resonances in images projected on the bodies.

A way to see through the skin, directly on the patient: “The ability to project medical images on their bodies helps those who see them to retrieve specific anatomical information from the patient in a context, which allows a more accurate interpretation”, says Pierre Boulanger, professor at the Department of Computer Science of the university.

“Using this system in 3D, patients can be digitized before the procedure and these images can be used as guides to perform surgeries, including the real-time location of the tools used by the surgeon in relation to the projected information. Real-time appearance of the system allows this alignment to adapt to the movement of the patient and to show video images like the one used in endoscopic surgeries, “says Boulanger.

Here you have a video of your work, which does not require any added technology, only the eyes of the surgeon on the body of the person who is going to be operated.



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