Selfless Kenyan Celebs Donating Food To Help Starving Poor Families In COVID-19 Pandemic

As other celebs took part in posting videos and photos of their luxury mansions and made the pandemic look like another opportunity to show off their wealth, these Kenyan celebs saw a need to give back to the poor families using their own money

Surely, being a good caring celeb goes beyond just telling your fans to wash their hands and observe the safety guidelines, it requires to look into what they are going through to get a meal.

We compiled a list of Kenyan celebs who took the initiative to help the poor during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Even without the pandemic, singer Esther Akoth was a good and caring philanthropic to boot.

But from this COVID-19 Pandemic, she has done more than any other celeb in Kenya.

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The gospel artist has been seen on several occasions helping out in food distribution out of his own pocket.

His impressive work has been seen on social media helping the needy

Babu Owino

Apart from playing his role as an MP for Embakasi East, he has gone out of his own pocket to help those who cannot put on the table using his own money.

Babu has also spared his own time to offer free tuition lessons to KCSE candidates during the time of COVD-19 holiday.

Darshan Chandaria

Kenyan top entreprenuer could not also be left behind the charitable work during the COVID-19 situation.

A close look at his social media accounts shows a series of Darshan Chandaria in company of his employees distributing sanitation necessities to disadvantaged Kenyans


The MP for Starehe and misician Charles Kanyi Njau has also been a top charitable celeb during this corona virus tough times

Stivo Simple Boy

Even the least of celebs we will expect to see on this philanthropic list, is Stivo Simple Boy.

With his little cash, he has managed to help so many poor families in Kibera

King Kaka

He choose to share sanitary pads with the disadvantaged girls

Mike Sonko

Despite being a politician and the current Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko has been so philanthropic in COVID-19 .

He has set up fumigation team and sanitizing booths, distributed food and other essential needs


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