Sexy Attendants ‘Adulterating’ Fueling Husbands At Shell Joints

Adultery and adulterated are basically very close similar English words but with very different meaning. They could be homonyms or something close to that.

The first account refers to a voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse while the latter means mainly involves adding kerosene or diesel to petrol.

Nevertheless Shell joints can equally redefine these meanings with their sexy agents.

Petroleum products dealer Shell are looking to make sales more from their latest models employed as fuel attendants.

One of them dressed suggestively in tight skin fitting pants will make you go with a full tank if actually you went for just a drop for your next mile.

Shell are known to hugely use ‘sex’ as a means of increasing their sales in various fuel filling joints.

But strange enough, most of those fueling their cars either have partners right beside on the passengers seat, or its rather embarrassing when one is in company of inlaws

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