Shakila’s Photos With Kenyan Male Celebs Begin To Surface On Social Media

Upcoming socialite Shakila has left tongues wagging and Kenyan male celebs rattled after she claimed that she bedded at least 30 of the most famous.

Among them Victor Wanyama has already initiated a battle ground in court.

However, the most shocking is a photo with Kiss FM host Mzee Jalas aka Mzee Jalang’o.

Mzee Jalas has stated that she never had an affair with the 19 year old girl and the photo seen on social media was taken during an event where they just met as celeb and fan photo moment

“I was so shocked because when I met her, she looked like such an innocent girl. These children have decided to kill their parents. Imagine as a parent and you see the insides and outsides of your daughter being shown all over the Internet,” sadly remarked Jalas.

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