Sheikh Mistakenly Marries A Fake ‘Bride’

The Ugandan Muslim imam is in big trouble for marrying a fellow man by mistake.

Mohammed Mutumba, an imam at Kyampisi Mosque in Kayunga exchanged marriage vows (nikkah) in early January of 2020 with his bride.

But the two love birds did not immediately take part in sharing their conjugal rights as the new wife Swabullah Nabukeera claimed she was experiencing her menstrual circle.

Mutumba was forced to be patient and wait for his woman to get better with her period.

But his patience was affected by the claims of their neighbour who claimed that the bride had climbed over a perimeter wall and stole clothes and other valuables from their neighbourhood.

The report was also recorded at Kayunga Police Station before investigations and arrests were made.

Daily Monitor reported that Kayunga District criminal investigations officer, Isaac Mugera said when Ms Nabukeera reached the police station she was wearing a hijab and sandals.

“As the police’s normal practice, a female police officer, searched the suspect thoroughly before taking ‘her’ to the cells. However, to the shock of the officer, the suspect had stacked clothes in the bra to hoodwink that they were breasts,” Mugera told the local daily.

“On further search, we discovered that the suspect had male genitals. We quickly informed ‘her’ husband who had escorted her to the police station,” he said.

The police informed Mutumba who did not believe until he proved it by himself.

Mutumba was so shocked and raised the alarm by calling his wife a thief.

“I was looking for a woman to marry and when I landed on a beautiful girl wearing a hijab, I asked her for love and she accepted. We fell in love, however, she told me we could not have sex until I take dowry to her parents and also exchange marriage vows,” Mutumba said.

After a thorough interrogation, Nabukeera’s real name was established to be Richard Tumushabe, aged 27 years.

“The case file has been sent to the Resident State Attorney for perusal and we are waiting for legal advice before we take him to court,” Mugera said.

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